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Campbell & Haliburton Group of Companies

As the countdown to the New Year begins, CH Group wants to reflect on the top moments of 2023! From the exciting launch of CH Built to longstanding community partnerships and impactful philanthropy, here are our top three moments that made this year truly memorable:


Top Moments of 2023

The Launch of CH Built

A big moment for CH Group in 2023 was the eagerly awaited launch of our construction company, CH Built. This new company represents our passion for construction and design. From renovating new spaces to insurance work, CH Built is finally here!


Queen City Marathon

For over a decade, CH Group has proudly stood as the sponsor of the Queen City Marathon. Further, this annual event has become more than a sponsorship; it’s a cherished tradition. In 2023, the Queen City Marathon once again brought together individuals from all walks of life, and we continue to look forward to continuing this enduring partnership for years to come.


NCFC’s Brighten a Lite Campaign

In the spirit of giving, CH Group joined forces with Arwel Living to support North Central Family Centre’s Brighten a Lite to Brighten a Life campaign. CH Group pledged to match all donations up to $15,000. The most thrilling part? NCFC not only met but exceeded their $40,000 goal, showcasing the incredible generosity of Regina. Therefore, we are honored to have played a role in making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Don’t forget! You can still donate to NCFC’s cause.


Happy New Year!


As we bid farewell to 2023, CH Group expresses gratitude for the moments that shaped our journey. We look ahead with enthusiasm to the opportunities and collaborations that await in the coming year. Thank you for being part of our story, and here’s to a future filled with continued growth, community engagement, and shared success!

CH Group Top Moments of 2023