Our Team

Campbell & Haliburton Group of Companies

Meet the Campbell & Haliburton Group team! As in our mission statement, our team strives for quality customer service in all facets of our business and companies. The team also values honesty, diversity, and hardwork. We want to ensure we provide the best service possible!


VP of Finance

Cindy is originally from Korea where she completed her architectural engineering degree, and worked as an eco-friendly environmental planner for 3 years before coming to Canada. In 2017 Cindy joined the CH Living team, and began working in project and account managing. Cindy is now the VP of finance and technology at CH Group. Cindy enjoys spending time with her family, she is of course a K-pop fan, K-drama, and now a Squid Game enthusiast. She is a great team player and always up for a challenge. Her trustworthiness, reliability and hard work are what make up the backbone of our administrative office.



John has been the President of Campbell & Haliburton Group since 2008 and has believed in diversity in the workplace is of utmost importance. As President, John has been responsible for overseeing both our insurance and property management divisions. Luckily, as a father of twins plus one, he has experience with effectively managing more than double the work! John worked in IT from 1998-2003 after training at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. After tiring of the geeky IT guy stereotypes, he earned his BA and upgraded to the much cooler world of insurance and property management. This was by joining the family business at Campbell & Haliburton Group!


Marketing and Design

Madelaine holds a BA in philosophy and possesses over a decade of experience in freelance graphic design. Boasting a wealth of both marketing and design expertise, her academic roots infuse her marketing prowess with a unique depth, ensuring campaigns resonate on a profound level. When she isn’t immersed in the world of marketing or shaping her side gig, Madelaine Art & Design, you’ll find her indulging in a range of passions—from watching film to exploring the ever-evolving world of fashion.


General Manager

Quinn plays many roles at Campbell & Haliburton: human resources, advertising and marketing, and community development. He makes sure every employee is respected and appreciated for their hard work and dedication. Quinn started working at CH Group in 2021 after transitioning out of his 16 year involvement in the security industry. The best part of his job is connecting with people, solving problems, increasing efficiency, and reducing stress in the workplace. In his spare time he loves spending time with his family and friends, discussing and pursuing investment opportunities, and always keeping an open mind to learn and grow in all facets of life.

The CH Built construction team contributes their diverse talents to ensure that each project has a quality outcome, every step of the way. Each team member is also committed to delivering a quality product to every client we serve.

CH Built Team

Bogdan Iles – Construction Manager

Jesse Tar – Project Manager

John Grant – President & CEO

CH Built Construction Team

Thomas is known for his roofing, eavestroughs, fascia and tree felling, if needed.

MJ is a flooring, backsplash and painting specialist.

Jin enjoys cabinetry, woodwork and finishing work.

Justin is known for his drywall and painting skills.

Clarence is involved in the many general construction tasks.

Brandon also wears the many hats of general construction.

The CH Living administration staff and building managers take great pride in making sure our properties are a fantastic place to live and call home. Renovations, preventative maintenance, quality materials, and communication are of utmost importance to the CH Living team!

CH Living Administration Team

Andreea Lupu – Account

Bogdan Iles – Property Construction Manager

Cindy Kim – Office Manager

Gurpreet Kaur – Community Manager

Jesse Tarr – Sales and Office Assistant

John Grant – President

Quinn Huber – General Manager

CH Living Building Managers

Conrad Turgeon – Smith Street Site Manager

Dennis Rainville – Lorne Street Building Manager

Gale and Dean Ohochinsky – Broad Street Building Manager

Pat Leduchowski – Willowcrest and Park Plaza Building Manager

Serhii Naumenko – East End Site Manager

Svetlana Mangir – Casabella and The Chalet Building Manager

myCH.ca - Campbell & Haliburton Insurance

With knowledge of Regina and the surrounding area’s insurance market, our clients are able to make sound decisions by working with our experienced, well-trained insurance brokers.

myCH.ca Insurance Brokers & Motor License Issuers

Chris Watson – Insurance Broker

Curtis Holden – Commercial Insurance Broker

Dave Arnold – Insurance Broker

Dean Bonyai – Insurance Broker

Emma Gibson – Motor License Issuer

Harold Knight – Insurance Broker

Harrison Atkinson – Insurance Broker

Lindsay Hofstra – Motor License Issuer

Nathan Ottenbreit – Insurance Broker

Scott Sentis – Insurance Broker

Wendy Arsenic – Insurance Broker

myCH.ca Administration Team

Cyndi Chung – Operations Manager

John Grant – President and CEO

Lydine Denzin – Front Office Supervisor

Patrick Bonk – Office Manager

Quinn Huber – HR/Marketing