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You finally snagged that dream apartment (or home) you always wanted and are ready move in. While excited, it’s a bit overwhelming. For a successful move, there is a lot of preparation involved. Therefore, the CH Living rental team are going to share some helpful tips to prepare for your next move-in day!

CH Living Move-In Guide

Before Move-In

Transfer Your Utilites Ahead of Time

Transfer or schedule utilities so they are effective on move-in day. This will ensure that you immediately have all the comforts of home, including wi-fi, internet, heat, power, and water, depending on what is included with your rent.

Update Addresses

Update your address effective at least a week before your move. This is particularly important if you are expecting either sensitive or urgent mail. Remember to also update your address with your bank, medical office(s), insurance office, SGI, eHealth, and employer.

Get Tenant Insurance

Rental companies require people who rent to have tenant insurance to protect their personal belongings from fire, theft, and water and sewer back-up. Arrange your insurance prior to moving.

Plan Movers

Whether you hire professional movers or enlist in some friends with the promise of pizza and drinks – make sure to confirm your movers at least one month in advance!

Pre-Move Decluttering

Make sure to dispose of any items you do not use, need, or want. ALWAYS inspect for sign of pests and dispose or treat the belongings before moving to a new location.

Label Boxes and Pack in Advance

To be able to immediately find what’s important on move day (toilet paper, lightbulbs, etc.), label your boxes by both room and importance! We also recommend packing gradually to reduce stress. Begin with the belongings you don’t use daily, adding more as you near moving day.

Coordinate Keys and Inspection

Arrange to have your keys before your movers arrive. If possible, coordinate a walkthrough inspection before move-in day.

Move-In Day

Transporting Valuables and Pets

Always prepare in advance the transportation of your furry friends and valuables. The CH Living team recommends moving pets, plants, and valuables in a separate vehicle to ensure their safety.

Take Measurements of Your New Place

Take measurements of all rooms before buying anything new. This will not only help you decide what you need for the space but also assist you in deciding if there are items you may need to part ways with!

Unpack Essential Items First

Make sure to unpack and set up your most essential items first. For example, unpack dishes, kitchen utensils and garbage bags, as you will need these immediately. We also recommend to prioritize setting up the most important furniture items first (e.g. bed). This is just in case you are too tired by the end of your move to set it up.


Essential Items List to Unpack First

CH Living’s Move-In Essentials


  1. A stereo to play your favourite music while you move!
  2. Cleaning products – rubber gloves, broom mop, pail, vacuum, garbage and recycling bags, and biodegradable plates and serviettes.
  3. Hand sanitizer, soap, and toilet paper.
  4. Hex key (Allen wrench), gloves, and a screwdriver for setting up your items.
  5. An X-ACTO knife and scissors for dismantling boxes.
  6. Shower rod, hooks, and curtain.
  7. Champagne, wine, or beer glasses for after your move!

The CH Living team is always available to answer questions related to the rental process during regular business hours. 

This blog is from the view of CH Living. Please note that various landlords and rental companies may have different opinions on move-in days and throughout the rental process.