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Tenant Responsibilities

Mar 26, 2024 | CH Living

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Whether you’re renting for the first time as a young adult or downsizing after decades of homeownership, CH Living is here to guide you through the essentials. We have compiled a comprehensive list of tenant responsibilities for your reference!

CH Living’s List of Tenant Responsibilities


Care and Maintenance

You’re free to revamp your living space to feel more at home but be sure to consult you’re your landlord before making any permanent alterations. Don’t forget to always keep your surroundings clean by properly disposing of garbage and avoiding clogging drains with kitchen waste to avoid any insect problems.

Care of Common Areas

Keep common areas clear and accessible by refraining from leaving baggage or personal items in hallways and elevators. Additionally, please avoid eating or drinking in shared spaces except in designated areas like the recreation room.


If you are approved to keep a pet, please make sure to pick up after your pet and that your furry friends aren’t too loud! We also like to let our tenants know that they should ensure their pets are leashed and do not roam freely in the hallways.

Laundry Facilities

Always be considerate of others when using the laundry facilities: wash off any spilled detergent, remove lint from the dryer filter, and only use the laundry room during our scheduled hours.

Be A Good Neighbour

We at CH Living often hear that one of the benefits of living in one of our properties is that it feels like a welcoming community! Being a good neighbour is part of how our residents work together to create an inclusive, friendly setting for people who call it their home. It’s the simple things that count. Consider the schedule of other tenants. Their hours of work may vary from your own. Keeping noise at a minimum and abiding by the rules of tenancy will foster healthy relationships with those who live in the building.

Essential Items List to Unpack First

Noise and Scents

Please be aware that there are people who are sensitive to scent, as well as cooking smells. Further, be considerate of your neighbours. Loud conversations or other noise (stereos, TV, musical instruments, vacuum cleaners, etc.) should not take place between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.


CH Living buildings are 100% smoke-free. Smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited in the elevators, all hallways, staircases, and all common areas, including your suite and balcony. When smoking outside, please remain at least 15 feet from building entrances and always fully extinguish and safely dispose of smoking materials.


Never let anyone into the building that you do not know, either in person or by buzzing them in if there are security doors. If you are unsure if the person is a resident, please refer them to the building manager for access. CH Living also recommends that you report any suspicious activity in or around the property to the building manager.

Saskatchewan Winters

We know that Saskatchewan winters can be bitter and cold. However, as a tenant you are required to keep all windows and balcony doors closed during periods of extremely cold weather, rain, or snow. This is due to possible water damage and/or freezing of water pipes. Damages requiring repairs will be at the tenant’s expense.

Contact Us

While this not a comprehensive list of all tenant responsibilities, we tried our best to cover what we felt was most necessary for tenants to be aware of. If you have any further questions, The CH Living team is always available to answer them during regular business hours. 

This blog is from the view of CH Living. Please note that various landlords and rental companies may have different opinions on this topic.