Campbell & Haliburton Group has been serving those in and around our community since 1957. We offer our clients expert investment, Real Estate & Property Management, Construction and Insurance advice. The Campbell & Haliburton Group believes a strong community is good for everyone. This summer, we had many amazing opportunities to sponsor a number of runs.  The question in the office is To Run or Not to Run?

To Run or Not to Run?

Ivan Amichand 5K Memorial Walk/Run/Ride 

The Ivan Amichand 5K Run for North Central Family Centre, NCFC, has been an annual event for the last 10 years. It is a run that is for youth between the ages of 12 to 18 who live in the North Central Neighborhood of Regina.  The goal of the event is to support youth training for marathons and to provide opportunities for them to take part in marathons locally, provincially and internationally.  Campbell & Haliburton Insurance is proud to be a part of the sponsorship of this annual event.  

NCFC Regina Run To Run or Not To Run?

QCM 2022 

Also known as the Queen City Marathon, was hosted in Regina on September 9, 2022.  It hosted 3762 participants.   The Queen City Marathon started in 2001 because a group of local runners realized that Regina was the only capital in all of Canada that didn’t host a marathon. This race is now part of the Boston Qualification so those who run in the race are from all over North America.  

One of the racers advised of the following: 

“I was so excited because I’ve never come in first in my age category before! In fact, I searched for my name and didn’t see it at first because it was at the top. It brought me to tears. I had just missed qualifying for Boston in Edmonton 3 weeks prior by 32 seconds. But I did BQ at the QCM and this was a PR for me as well. I had the most wonderful time. I loved the route and the spectators were wonderful. The volunteers were fantastic! I will always remember this experience.”

Natalie P. – Edmonton, Alberta

Congrats, Natalie P, CH Group is proud to be a sponsor for this event and cheer people like yourself on. 

QCM Marathon in Regina To Run or Not to Run


The Campbell & Haliburton Group is locally owned and comprises several companies; including Campbell & Haliburton Insurance, CH Living and CH Built. The local Regina team believes a strong community is good for everyone. This is the foundation of the CH Group, and the company slogan  “Like a family” reflects that. They commit to supporting education, health, wellness and events. They believe it is their social responsibility to contribute to the well-being of our citizens, as this maintains a balance between the economy and society.