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Campbell & Haliburton Inaugural Bursary for Disabled Undergraduates Awarded

Colin was this year’s recipient of the Campbell and Haliburton Award, administered through the University of Regina. The award recognizes students who have faced obstacles in achieving a post-secondary education, yet uphold the value of community service.

Colin is a busy father of four, who is continuing his studies toward a Degree in Indigenous Teaching. His Metis heritage and life on a reserve have shaped his perspective on life and motivated him to educate others on the lives of Indigenous people with a particular interest in promoting the voice of youth and children.

Congratulations, Colin!


“Thank you so much to the people at Campbell Haliburton for this award. As a Michif person who has struggled with learning in the past, and if I am honest even sometimes presently while I’m in school. This award and money will go a long way for my family of six. Thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate it. It is so nice to receive an award such as this. I am truly thankful, and don’t take receiving this award lightly. Have a good day and thank you again”

Details of the Bursary for Disabled Undergraduates

The scholarship will be granted for the 2nd time in the fall of 2023 for $2,000 and presented to an undergraduate student based on the following criteria: 

  • Enrolled in a program in any faculty; 
  • Registered with the Center for Student Accessibility with a permanent disability 
  • Submit a written statement, not more than 300 words, describing the obstacles they have faced in their post-secondary education due to their disability and/or why community service is important to them. Disability is defined as a functional limitation or restriction of an individual’s ability to perform an activity.

This award will be granted annually until 2026 for a total sponsorship of $10,000.  

Students can apply for the Campbell & Haliburton Award through the U of R SAMS in September of 2023. 

The Campbell & Haliburton Group is locally owned and comprises several companies; including Campbell & Haliburton Insurance, CH Living and CH Built. The local Regina team believes a strong community is good for everyone. This is the foundation of the CH Group, and the company slogan  “Like a family” reflects that. They commit to supporting education, health, wellness and events. They believe it is their social responsibility to contribute to the well-being of our citizens,  as this maintains a balance between the economy and society.