About Us



John F. Grant, President

Campbell & Haliburton Group has been privileged to be part of the Regina and area business community for over 60 years, with the support of our customers, stakeholders, employees, business partners, governments, and our local community.

Over the years, our business portfolio has grown and changed, but we remain committed to our philosophy of unity in diversity. We provide services that honour our core mission, vision and values while respecting diversity in our customers and employees. 


We strive for quality customer service in all facets of our business, maintenance upgrades and improvements in our rental units, and fast, efficient service in all areas of our insurance business.


We desire to work closely with our customers to serve them well and maintain long-term relationships.


We value honesty, diversity, and hard work. We always want to be accountable to the people we serve. Further, we will work as a team to ensure we are providing the best service possible.


We, the Campbell & Haliburton Group members and staff, are a Canadian company that creates a valued environment. Further, we respect all individuals for their abilities, skills, and talents. As such, we want to promote diversity and inclusion as much as we can.




Herbert Gibson was born on January 17, 1912, in Wapella, Saskatchewan. He joined the Royal Bank of Canada, Manitoba Division, from 1929 to 1941. In 1941, he purchased a general store in Dominion City.

In the following three years, he was manager of Dominion City Creamery Ltd. and, in 1944, established Gibson’s Ltd. in Rocanville, Saskatchewan. From 1944 to 1957, he operated a locker plant, Gibson Plummer Quick Freeze Ltd.

In 1957, Mr. Gibson became the President and General Manager of Campbell & Haliburton Ltd. He would purchase a controlling interest in 1958. In 1961, 20th Century Investment Ltd. was formed with associates.

Under his guidance, Campbell & Haliburton Ltd. grew from a staff of five to a large and diversified business. Mr. Gibson maintained an interest in Regina’s welfare and growth and was an active member and past Regina Real Estate Association president.

In February 1977, the company took up residence in its current location, the Campbell & Haliburton building at 2101 Retallack Street.



Brian Gibson would follow in his father’s footsteps into the business. He was raised in Regina and educated at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate and the University of Regina. For over 35 years, Brian sold real estate in Regina and was a respected figure in the community. He would give back by contributing his time and expertise to the Saskatchewan Real Estate Association. He simultaneously owned and operated Campbell & Haliburton Insurance for over 50 years, providing a foundational influence for today’s company.

Campbell & Haliburton grew under his tenure to include several divisions serving insurance, property management, and construction. Brian’s interest in diversification was reflected in his business interests and genuine concern for people and the surrounding community. He actively participated in many community-based organizations, including Boys Scouts, United Appeal, and the Y.M.C.A. Volunteering his time and sponsoring charities that supported those in need was an opportunity Brian saw to give back to his community.

Brian took a people-centric approach to business, always putting the client’s interests first. He had a way of dealing with people that demonstrated his integrity and ability to find common ground. This influence was foundational to the service-first approach that Campbell & Haliburton adopted in our corporate vision to serve customers well and develop long-term relationships. Brian’s honesty and hard work are attributable to our value of being accountable to those we serve and ensuring the best possible service. Diversity also became a cornerstone whereby we respect all individuals for their abilities, skills, and talents.

Campbell & Haliburton has continued to see corporate growth while maturing into the company that Brian Gibson lent his visionary leadership for over 50 years.



Brent Gibson was born in Regina in 1965 and attended St. Leo Elementary and Dr. Martin Leboldus High School. 

He earned many professional designations in financial planning and insurance. Brent was a beloved insurance broker and manager at Campbell & Haliburton, where he developed the company’s investment department.

Outside of work, Brent was a triathlete and marathon runner who founded the Regina Multisport Club to create a community and learning platform for other triathletes in Saskatchewan. He also founded Saskatchewan’s only Wineman Duathlon, which combined running and socializing. He would go on to complete 12 Ironman triathlons.

In Brent’s honour, Campbell & Haliburton annually sponsors the Brent Gibson Memorial Icebreaker Triathlon.



John was born in 1970 ​in Regina, Saskatchewan. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Regina and joined Campbell & Haliburton in April 2003.

He has been the President of Campbell & Haliburton Group since 2008 and believes that diversity in the workplace is of the utmost importance.

Since becoming President in 2008, John has contributed to Campbell & Haliburton’s 60+ years of success by maintaining our standing as a trusted broker in home, auto, commercial, farm, travel, and life insurance. Further, he has expanded the property management division to thirteen multi-family residential buildings in Regina. Campbell & Haliburton is also co-owner of three other mixed-use properties and several condominium units in the city. In addition to the residential portfolio, the company owns and operates 24,000 square feet of office and retail space and 20,000 square feet of warehouse space.  Campbell & Haliburton’s property portfolio is worth more than $60 million and is growing.

Outside work, John exercises his mind by listening to audiobooks while cultivating an active fitness routine. John would argue that he gets an even better mental and physical workout, trying (often unsuccessfully) to keep up with his three kids!





Since 1957, Cam has appeared in most Campbell & Haliburton Insurance company advertisements. He is sometimes referred to as myCH.ca’s “Mascot” or “Man of Action,” but his real name is “Cam Haliburton.” Cam is technically 83, but still feels young and likes to continue working for CH Group!



Allow me to introduce myself, folks. I’m Cam. There isn’t a renovation, automotive repair or construction project that I haven’t turned my hand to. Sometimes, I have people say “Cam, is that wise?” But I go by my trusty motto “If anyone can do it, Cam can!”